Plugin that allows you to play with input type(checkbox and radio) design, with disabled action and custom SELECT. The new structure model is in Example 2. You can target any input[type=”checkbox”] for example, or class from your project > example below(Example 1).

After the input tag, from your html, there will be generated a span tag(class “cus_che” for checkbox and class “cus_rad” for radio buttons), that can be customized, very easy. When the user clicks the element, the generated span element and his parent element, will have a custom class. For each default(checkbox and radio) input to hide it, you just have to add this class “cus_box_hidden” to his parent, prepared from the css file. The demo css file, is targeting elements just by class, so you will restyle elements very easy with your global css file.

Some elements from inside the holder(holder like div,li,td, or any kind of html element), example of elements from inside: label, span and the default input type(checkbox and radio) will work on click event. Maybe you can find this useful for you. Works even on IE7,8.