DEX – Multi chart packed

2014-10-30 • Plugins • Views: 1686

Dex is an application for interacting with data. Dex provides data extraction, transformation, visualization, and predictive capabilities.

Dex has the ability to read data from a variety of sources such as CSV, files, databases and even processes and expect driven scripts.

Dex can transform this data into other forms via Groovy, Jython as was as a custom language specific to Dex called TMI (Too Much Information).

Dex can save the transformed data to file or database.

Dex provides 40+ visualization tools to help explore your data. In most cases the visualization can be saved into self-contained and interactive HTML5 content which can be viewed with or without a WebServer through a HTML5 compliant browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or later versions of Internet Explorer. More visualizations are being added in each release.





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