full page intro and navigation – An intro page with a full width background image, a bold animated menu and an iOS-like blurred effect behind the navigation

2014-10-31 • Plugins • Views: 1567

Today’s resource is an intro page, focused around a full width background image and a bold animated menu. And, for browsers that support it, a nice iOS-like blurred effect behind the navigation.

Sometimes you want to impress your users, and a way to do so is by using high-res background images combined with nice typography. This approach is definitely a current UI trend. The idea behind this resource is a bit deeper though: I was playing with some simple animations we see on mobile apps, and trying to integrate them into a desktop experience.

CSS3 transitions and animations make this easy to achieve. A point worth discussing about is: should we think about merging some mobile and desktop UX experiences, or should we treat them as two separate things? Food for thoughts.




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