glDatePicker – Customizable Date Picker jQuery Plugin

2014-10-12 • Plugins • Views: 1606

glDatePicker is an ultra-simple, customizable, light-weight date picker plugin for jQuery.


  • Stylize current date, selected date, special dates and individual days of the week
  • Set data on special dates (that is returned on callback when selected)
  • Repeatable date ranges, individual dates and special dates
  • Restrict selection to range of dates, individual dates, years, months and days of the week
  • Restricting forward / backwards month navigation
  • Automatically jump to respective month on selection (if it is the next or previous month)
  • Offset days of the week (e.g. make Wednesday the first day of the week)
  • Jump to specific month or year through select drop-down
  • Customizable month names and days of week names
  • Callbacks for when date is selected and when calendar is about to show or hide
  • Individual styles per date picker on the same page
  • Render directly below input control (by default) or specify a custom element to render into


Website Demo

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