iCheck – super customized checkboxes and radio buttons for jQuery & Zepto

2014-10-09 • Plugins • Views: 1688

iCheck is created to avoid routine of reinventing the wheel when working with checkboxes and radio buttons. It provides an expected identical result for the huge number of browsers, devices and their versions. Callbacks and methods can be used to easily handle and make changes at customized inputs.

There are some CSS3 ways available to style checkboxes and radio buttons, like this one. You have to know about some of the disadvantages of similar methods:

  • — inputs are keyboard inaccessible, since display: none or visibility: hidden used to hide them
  • — poor browser support
  • — multiple bugs on mobile devices
  • — tricky, harder to maintain CSS code
  • — JavaScript is still needed to fix specific issues


Website Demo

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