ikSelect – Stylize html selects using jQuery

2014-10-21 • Plugins • Views: 1638

ikSelect helps you stylize selects. Check the plugin’s page for more info.


  • works in all popular browsers including IE6+
  • custom syntax support
  • works perfect as an inline-block
  • no z-index bugs in IE
  • optgroups support
  • great API
  • add/remove <option>s and <optgroup>s
  • disable/enable anything (select, optgoup, option)
  • optional filter text field
  • can be used with hidden parents
  • compatible with mobile devices
  • behavior is as authentic as possible
  • callbacks and event triggers
  • automatic calculations
    • dropdown position, so it’s always visible when opened
    • needed width for the select or it’s dropdown (can be disabled)
    • active option appears in the center of the opened dropdown
  • keyboard support
    • search by letters/numbers/etc
    • navigation
    • tab and shift+tab
  • fast and easy to use
  • built with attention to details
  • according to the poll, 100% of people love it


Website Demo

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