JQM Transition Problemi / Android Geçiş Problemi

2014-10-07 • JQuery • Views: 1715

I’m developing a mobile web site using jQuery mobile framework. When I use page transitions (like slide), it causes a flicking. Especially in default browser in android phones, flicking is really bad.

I deeply investigate the jquery-mobile.js to understand when this flickering happens. After spending many hours, I found which code part causes the problem: Enabling/Disabling zoom on just before page transition!

in jQuery mobile 1.2.0 source codes (line 7211 to 7234):

$.mobile.zoom = $.extend( {}, {
enabled: !disabledInitially,
locked: false,
disable: function( lock ) {
if ( !disabledInitially && !$.mobile.zoom.locked ) {
meta.attr( “content”, disabledZoom );
$.mobile.zoom.enabled = false;
$.mobile.zoom.locked = lock || false;
enable: function( unlock ) {
if ( !disabledInitially && ( !$.mobile.zoom.locked || unlock === true ) ) {
meta.attr( “content”, enabledZoom );
$.mobile.zoom.enabled = true;
$.mobile.zoom.locked = false;
restore: function() {
if ( !disabledInitially ) {
meta.attr( “content”, initialContent );
$.mobile.zoom.enabled = true;

I deleted the lines:

meta.attr( “content”, disabledZoom );


meta.attr( “content”, enabledZoom );

(lines 7216 and 7223)

Then it worked smoothly without a problem! I don’t know if it causes another problem but the problem was changing max-zoom in page transition. In my tests, it worked correctly without any problem.

I wanted to inform you to consider this problem while changing zoom.





Halil İbrahim Kalkan


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