It’s been a few days now since we posted our last blog entailing our Development Approach, in which those few days have sadly seen some slow progression on Progress.

With both myself and Connor working up at Lancaster University throughout summer, we’ve had quite a hectic workload, with myself having dissertation (a word I now say with some pain) work to crack on with and Connor an exam to revise for, programming has unfortunately been on the back burner.

Fortunately, however, our commitments can refocus upon the project next week, as we still confidently aim to provide a working prototype come the time we venture into Greenwich for Event #2.

It’s not been all too bad though, as we have still fitted time in when we could and, piece by piece, we are beginning to see the conception turn into reality. On that note, we will likely release a further blog post in the next few days…potentially giving you a sneak peek into what we’ve made so far, so keep tuned!