Shapeshift – A dynamic grid system with drag and drop functionality.

2014-10-27 • Plugins • Views: 1684

Responsive Grid

Resizing the grid to accomodate for more or less space is automatically turned on in Shapeshift, so if your parent container has a 100% grid resizing the window will shapeshift the child objects around to accomodate for the new layout. You can even set CSS3 media queries on your objects and watch as they get shapeshifted around their new size!

Drag and Drop

Position any item within the grid by dragging and dropping them into place. Shapeshift will try to find a logical place for it and display that to you. Coming soon is the ability to drag and drop between multiple containers.

Works on Touch Devices

To have the drag and drop functionality on touch devices you must include the “jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js” file within the vendor folder. jQuery touch punch extends the jQuery UI Draggable library with touch support, so it must be included before Shapeshift and after the jQuery ui library.




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