2014-10-14 • Plugins • Views: 1611

reactive data sync lib: replicated model for your web app

New opportunities bring new challenges; now, having all that laptops, smartphones and tablets on WiFi/3G, we need handover (aka continuity), real time sync and offline work. Those requirements stressed classic request-response HTTP architectures leading to fix-on-a-fix stacks that are far from perfection. Our dream is to develop distributed applications like good old local MVC apps, by fully delegating the data caching/synchronization magic to a dedicated layer. We want to deal with the data uniformly, no matter where it resides. We believe, that CRDT is the only approach that allows to fully embrace the reality of distributed data. Swarm is a CRDT-based replicated model library (M of MVC) that keeps your data correctly cached and synchronized in real time using any storage and transport available.

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