Tag Handler – a jQuery plugin used for managing tag-type metadata.

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Basic Usage Instructions

  • Tag Handler must be attached to one or more <ul> tags in your HTML.
  • To add a tag, click on the tag box, type in a name, and hit enter or comma.
  • Tags may be removed from the tag box by hitting backspace inside the box or by clicking on the tag.
  • The list of tags may be initialized in 1 of 3 ways:
    1. By passing arrays of tag names as options to the plugin (“availableTags” and “assignedTags”); or,
    2. By supplying a “getURL” for the tags to be retrieved via AJAX.

      When using this method, the server must supply a JSON formatted array named “availableTags” and optionally an additional array named “assignedTags”.

    3. By supplying a “getURL” and initLoad: false.

      When using this method, it will get the “assignedTags” from the array as in method 1. When the user writes a tag, it will query the server passing the typed in text to the server which can then return the related results as availableTags.

Website Demo

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