Torii – is an authorization service library for your Ember.js application. Adding social login to your Ember.js app just got a whole lot simpler.

2014-10-08 • Plugins • Views: 1654

Torii is a set of clean abstractions for authentication in Ember.js applications. Torii is built with providers (authentication against a platform), a session manager (for maintaining the current user), and adapters (to persist authentication state).

The API for providers and adapters in Torii is to open, by which we mean creating a new authorization or authenticating a new session, fetch, by which we mean validating an existing authorization (like a session stored in cookies), or close, where an authorization is destroyed.

A provider in Torii is anything a user can authenticate against. This could be an OAuth 2.0 endpoint, your own login mechanism, or an SDK like Facebook Connect. Authenticating against a provider is done via the torii property, which is injected on to routes:


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