waterpipe-js is a jQuery plugin for smoky backgrounds generation (HTML5 Canvas).

Options for this jQuery plugin are :-

  • gradientStart : Gradient start color in hex format.
  • gradientEnd : Gradient end color in hex format.
  • smokeOpacity : Smoke opacity 0 to 1.
  • numCircles : Number of circles (smokes).
  • maxMaxRad : Could be used to change circle radius size
  • minMaxRad : Could be used to change circle radius size
  • minRadFactor : It’s a factor representing the size of the smallest radius with respect to the largest possible. Integer from 0 to 1.
  • iterations : The number of subdividing steps to take when creating a single fractal curve.
  • drawsPerFrame : Number of curves to draw on every tick of the timer.
  • lineWidth : Line width
  • speed : Drawing speed (tick of timer in ms).
  • bgColorInner : Background outer color in hex format.
  • bgColorOuter : Background inner color in hex format.