Zoomerang.js – Drop in zoom, zoom in, zoom out on (almost) anything in your page.

2014-11-01 • Plugins • Views: 1561

is a drop-in library that allows your users to zoom in on (almost) any element on your existing page. No setup, arbitrary styling.

Caveats / Known Issues

  • CSS Transform required. (basically, IE10+)
  • Works best on fixed size elements such as display: block, display: inline-block and img elements.
  • Avoid using it on long inline text that has natural line wraps.
  • When used on mobile, it’s best to avoid auto font size adjustments (e.g. set scale fixed to 1).
  • Elements with non-rectangular shape will have pixelated edge in Firefox.
  • Doesn’t work on stock Android 2.x browser.




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